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Farmers face challenges in consistently catering to the ever increasing demand of agricultural yield. Real-time monitoring and automated control over a farm’s critical parameters are already in place to address labour intensity, but manual monitoring processes are prone to errors which result in loss of revenue for the farmers and increased farming costs. 


Currently there are no form of AI/Analytics Dashboarding developed for farmers to be able to better predict their yield in terms of real-time data statistics. The proposed AI/Analytics Dashboarding developed solution needs to make the farm's operations as efficient as possible by providing accurate and real-time data, reduce the labour dependency/cost which would result in improved long-term productivity & revenue while catering to the increasing demand from the market.



Farmers face challenges in sorting out their produce into different grades. The sorting is done manually and uses criteria such as shape and color. Since it’s manually carried out, it is quite labor intensive and, on that count, chances of making a mistake in the grading the produce is high, resulting in loss of revenue for the farmers i.e. sorting a high grade produce as a low grade one, which is sold at a cheaper rate. An automated system that uses AI/ML to grade the produce will go a long way to reduce the labor cost as well as increase revenue for the farmer.



Build an app/service to allow users to track fitness goals and activities via gamification. Idea is to blend fitness progress with hyper personalized health/fitness content.



Hilti have more than 28,00 employee worldwide who work relentlessly to provide the best product and experience for our customers . All our departments work with 1 motivation – to generate enthusiastic customers for Hilti. We are currently doing this through more than 230,000 daily customer contacts and a high production of new products annually. Based on our understanding of our customers and their specific needs, we provide value added tools and services and we bring their feedback to our R&D colleagues for continuous improvement and innovation. This is possible as we employ the direct sales model where our sales force are always close to our customers. To compliment the sales force channel , we engage our customers through multiple channels as well, such as customer service, Hilti Store, digital channels like Hilti Online and eB2B. We believe a good customer experience is at the heart of our customer engagement initiatives.
Your tasks : Design and develop a solution prototype incorporating innovative ideas to realize digitalization of customer interaction which leverages the AI technologies. The solution should aim at increasing customer engagement and thus developing enthusiastic customers which contribute to the revenue for Hilti.



Smart Education is an education system that uses bright ideas in education implementation. Smart Education  could be described by major matters implemented by university, namely adaptive learning, portfolio learning, cooperation technology and learning resources, administrative process that had computerized or use computer network that interrelated and monitoring and reportage, information availability that is more complete, right and detailed, university also have to provide online learning resource that can be accessed by all students and lecturer through computer device or mobile apparatus through computer network, and internet, or combination both.


In Malaysia, not all universities and schools use smart education concepts fully, however, based on information data that is existing, all universities and school in Malaysia incorporated technology-like information system academic. For university and school that cannot incorporate smart education concept where system integration that difficult is the problem faced.


The task: Drafting and build a prototype that can be developed to find solutions that can integrate ideas that are creative and innovative to clear a hurdle and realize smart education and his need. The solution aims to upgrade involvement and spur way movement that is more effective to Smart Selangor.



Smart Government does not have to own definition standards. This concept is which appears and attract government administration member's attention, although in politics. Although no own a definition that more specific, Smart Government is also an additional concept from e-Government programmed had in practice by developed countries. Smart Government is a concept or moves addition from e-Government by putting technology to good use and innovation used by the government for a better result. Smart Government is one of the policy elements that should be filled to create Smart City.


If smart government concept adjusts with the smart city concept, thus we must first understand smart city definition, cities known as a smart city is cities that initially have discovery in solving problems in town and successfully improved town performance. One of the dimensions most important smart city is to provide services using state-of-the-art technology and build smart infrastructure so that it can providing effective service to everyone that stays in town.


The task: Develop the design prototype solution that is existing by using intellectual idea be more innovative to realize formation and create smart government together make a Smart City which enables benefit given to parallel people Smart Selangor initiative.




Smart social is a capacity to adapt, read the situation and seek information owned until level itself. Apart from that it also is an own curious capacity and other matter also acquire information. In social context namely, something achieved, produced and lay down in diurnal interaction, and a filling from how a person the individual is related although still debated on the related pattern person the individual.  


In line with technological progress nowadays that is increasingly sophisticated, surely it also gave a negative impact if technology supplied not used wisely especially in social terms. To justify that smart social able influenced someone's life is with a medium that moves in society have the responsibility in social that large in bringing his society towards that more civilized and not bringing down status or damage society.


The task: In developing something parallel smart city initiative towards smart state formation with prototype medium given. How smart social can produce a community or society that is smart in socializing with the facility given with mission and vision that took by Smart Selangor.